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Author Topic: awesome live room diffusion!  (Read 4062 times)

craig boychuk

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awesome live room diffusion!
« on: March 04, 2008, 02:33:38 pm »

Hi folks

Just wanted to share a happy acoustics momement...

Last weekend I recorded a great band in my rehearsal space. This was a live recording with everyone in one room, no isolation.

I have always enjoyed playing music there - everything always sounds really nice - lively, but very clear.

After recording in the space I realized just how amazing it really is!!!

It's probably about 800 - 900 square feet, wood floor & walls, small semi-absorptive ceiling tiles - not sure what they're made of.

The real kicker is the walls... they have these wide boards spaced about 2 inches apart that stick out from the wall. This creates 2" wide x 1" deep gaps that run floor to ceiling at about 6" intervals. The boards have some sort of finish on them, so they're probably a little more reflective than plain wood.

I guess the gaps diffuse the sound around the whole periphery of the space, and the semi reflective surface of the boards helps the treble range. Ceiling tiles help control reflections from the floor. It makes for a very lively yet crisp controlled sound.

An interesting way to approach diffusion in a room, perhaps! I like the way it sounds in there so much I may try the technique when I construct my own room!!

You can see part of the wall in this pic...


I'm sure acoustic treatment wasn't intent with the walls, as it's just an old warehouse... but it sure sounds nice!!


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