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Improving Gefell UM92

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Hi all

I have decided to try to improve my UM92. As far as I know of, the first thing I should do is change the tube to a good quality NOS tube. I have just bought one from ebay, which I hope will work well.

  http://cm.ebay.com/cm/ck/1065-29392-2357-0?uid=101529067& ;amp ;amp   ;site=0&ver=EOIBSA080805&lk=URL&Item=26020944557 9

I am in no way capable of determining if this is a good tube from looking at the pictures, so if anybody out there can tell from the pictures if this is a genuine telefunken tube or just a rebranded lower quality tube (meaning I have spent my money in a silly way...), I would be happy to know.

Apart from upgrading the tube, the output transformers were improved from the UM92 to the UM92.1, so I guess an upgrade in my mic would also be a good thing. The first thing that comes to mind is to get a Lundal transformer ( http://www.lundahl.se/ ). Does anybody have any other suggestions on this??

As most of you have already guessed, I am NOT going to do this myself, so this thread is meant to be forwarded to the SLIGHTLY more skilled guy who will help me with this.

Thank you!


....I forgot the reason for posting this....

Does anybody have other improvment suggestions while I am at it??


Barry Hufker:
If you search Klaus' forum you'll find a lengthy and extremely helpful discussion on modifying the UM92.1S.

I did (and found the thread where you did a mod on yours, one of the reasons I decided to upgrade tube & transformer on mine), but since this is an UM92 and not UM92.1, I thought there might be more / other things I could improove too:o)

The big change can come from transformer and electronics, including the valve.

Oliver has a lot of good changes to do.

He is highly recommended for this.

And of course Klaus, as always.


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