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mudflaps wrote on Fri, 12 January 2007 23:02
You the same Harvey that played in  band called Sweetwater at a pop festival back in the 60's ? And do you know a guy name Richard Hankey from McKinney TX? Just wondering if you use to record in a trailer house in Princeton TX? If not sorry I might of got you confused with a different Harvey from TX.

Guilty as charged, to most of it.  I was in Sweetwater; I know Richard Hankey, and we record out of a mobile home outside Krum, TX.

Well I'm good friends with Richard I built the rooms for his home studio. He always talk about you lot I guess he still looks up to you and I'm sure he probably still calls you from time to time. Nice meeting you Harvey even though I never met you in person. Did see you in Richard's video of you recording his album at the mobil home. Good luck and peace out.

Great pdf, thanks so much for sharing. Very valuable info to have, and not a bad evening's read either.

Wow,awesome thread


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