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Not to be outdone, I now have a sticky at my forum

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I just noticed that unlike all of the other forums, I don't have a sticky or an announcement at the start of my forum. Not to be outdone, here's mine:

About 2 years ago, I started posting to a thread at the homerecording forum about how mics work and what to use when, and it grew into this monstrous thread, often called simply, "The big thread". Once you get rid of all the wows and thanks, it still runs about 78 pages long and takes about 1 meg of space. The actual full length thread at homerecording.com is here:

     http://homerecording.com/bbs//showthread.php?s=&threadid =27030

A PDF of the thread (minus all the "Wow, great thread!!" stuff) is at:


Worst case, it'll at least keep you busy for an evening.  Best case, it might clear up some questions you've had about what mic to use when, and why.

MASSIVE Mastering:
Harvey, I'm honored and humbled to be the first to congratulate you on your new sticky.      

Here's to several more.  (clink! - gulp, gulp)

As i was the first on recpit to reply to the sticky on the big mike thread, i thought to let somebody else have that honor, but still feel the need to be somewhere in this mighty thread.


Chris Fitzgerald:
As the person who started that thread and have been trying to learn from it ever since, I just want to thank Harvey once again and say that I'm very pleased to have found this forum. The difference in my recordings after reading the info in that thread is tremendous.

Yes, congrats on your sticky. Might as well.

Here's a thought for maybe another sticky. Back at the old Rec Pit you had one for all the Jedi Mind tricks engineers play on the public in the course of making a recording, i.e., the celebrated cowbell trick, recording with woofers as microphones, etc. It might even be a candidate for the Whatever Works forum, though it initially appeared in yours. Any thoughts about reviving that for those who came in late (present company excluded-- I learned a bunch from that thread)?


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