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Author Topic: Yet another GC Fiasco  (Read 768 times)

don kerce

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Yet another GC Fiasco
« on: February 13, 2008, 09:59:20 pm »

OK, yet another Guitar Center fiasco story.
So I'm over at Vintage King in Nashville to pick up an SM-57, and of course, Dave won’t let me off that easy.
So two Avedis MA-5's with BLACK faceplates and one Shadow Hills Mono GAMA later, I’m on my way home.
And realize I need a mic stand for the new 57.
Stop at Guitar Center and say “Hey, these are listing at $59.99 and I just bought some at $39.99 just a few months ago.”
GC guy: “Oh, OK, I’ll do one for ya at that price.”
Me: “Great, I’ll take it and I’ll pay cash.”
Get it home and it’s a dang kick drum mic stand.
What, am I recording midgets?
So I take it back to get what I wanted.
GC guy: “Uh, those were listed wrong, I’ll have to charge you ten more dollars.”
Me: “Um, no. Just give me my money back.”
GC guy: “Uh, we can only give back $25 of a cash purchase.”
Me: Um, I think not, call your manager.”
In the meantime, a friend of mine has showed up with a band he's producing from Australia that just wanna hang out and check out Guitar Center in America.
And I warn them "Hey, whatcha see isn't what they'll actually CHARGE you!"
And, of course my friend is almost on the ground howling!
Manager shows up,  “Well, we can only refund $25 of a cash purchase.”
I ain’t backing down from this bullsh*t.
Did I mention I’d had a couple of shots of vodka before I went back to GC?
So I ain’t going nowhere and I AIN’T happy.
Manager squirms for a while with a VERY unhappy customer.
“Uh, look, if you pay the extra $10.00 for the mic stand,
I’ll give you $10 dollars worth of whatever you want.”
Now what the hell can you get in GC for $10.00?
He asks if I’m a guitar player, maybe some strings?
I tell him I’m a bass player and they are a BIT more expensive than that.
He asks me to come over to the string counter to look.
Now, I have a ’77 Rick 4001 that I’ve wanted to go ahead and string up with flats just for the McCartney sound, but hadn’t got around to it.
He asked what I’d want to make me happy and I said the Rotosound Jazz Bass strings (that they were selling for $44.99).
Took him 15 minutes to figure out how to give me the strings, but he kinda had NO choice, as I was pissed off, half drunk, and wasn’t leaving anytime soon!
Isn’t customer service a wonderful thing? Twisted Evil




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Re: Yet another GC Fiasco
« Reply #1 on: February 16, 2008, 10:24:13 am »

there was a guy on talk radio yesterday here in seattle griping about GC (they did not name it, but nay musician/eng would know it).

apparently he bought the extended replacement warranty on an Alesis, had an issue, and was told it would have to be shipped to their "lab" for analysis, and the decision would be made at that time.  no offer for a replacement.

anyway. the first mistake was buying the console. second from there.  but the warranty being so blatantly contrary to what you would expect seems shady even for them.
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