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Author Topic: Man, forget Ebay.  (Read 658 times)


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Man, forget Ebay.
« on: February 11, 2008, 03:33:18 PM »

I just need to rant a bit here.

I have this beautiful 1961 RCA tube mixer. I really don't want to sell it but you know, I'm stretched thin.  I'm setting up a new DAW and it's, you know, 10's of thousands of dollars.  I have enough beautiful old gear that has been rebuilt.  This mixer, would be great with some TLC and restoration but I just don't have the time or money any more.  I just finished rebuilding a langevin console and also a bunch of old ampex units from the 60s and a Scully tape machine.  

So the mixer goes up on ebay.  

I specifically sate in the auction that I don't want to ship it internationally since it will be freight and expensive as hell.  

Some guy in Australia wins it for 1,200 dollars.  He emails me a bunch of times right before the auction's close asking about shipping and we decide that we can ship it to San Fran. here in the states.  His friend will help him get it over to Australia.  Still, freight to San Fran was going to be like 200 or 300 dollars (it's heavy, you know and big!).

So the guy wins the auction on jan. 25th and I send him an invoice for 1,500 dollars, including freight to San Fran.

He doesn't contact me until feb. 11th... after I had filed an unpaid item dispute with ebay.

He sends me some sob story about how he was in the hospital and couldn't get to a computer between the 25th of jan. and the 10th of feb.

This is the good part:

Then he proceeds to inform me that due to medical bills he can no longer pay the full amount for the auction.  He can only send me 1,100 dollars total.  Also, he can no longer have it shipped to San Fran (as we had agreed)... it now MUST be shipped to Australia and he CANNOT afford to pay the freight to Australia.  He informs me that I must pay all shipping costs now, because he simply cannot afford to with his medical bills and whatnot.  

I check into freight to Australia... it's 500 dollars with insurance.  So consider 1,150 dollars that he can pay (less than the auction was won for - 1,200 dollars... strange to be exactly 50 dollars short, huh?)  minus the 500 for freight that he now cannot pay and you come up with 700 dollars that I would ACTUALLY GET for the consolette... that's B*** S***!!!!

So I told him that he should send the full amount of the invoice or I would go through with the unpaid item strike and leave negative feedback.  

He said he couldn't pay.

So I leave negative feedback, and complete the strike.

Turns out this is his final strike and he will now lose his ebay account.  So he begs me via email to have ebay remove the strike and also to mutually withdraw the feedback because he wants to keep his rating strong.  He continues with the hospital sob story.

So out of the kindness of my heart, I do both.  I remove the strike and mutually withdraw the feedback rating.

Then today while looking at the feedback that I had basically removed... I notice that he had purchased, and paid for 2 Shure ribbon microphones for 512 dollars during the week that he was "in the hospital away from the internet" and "could not afford to pay" because of medical bills.  The auction was paid for by him and I saw the feeback left for it ... "really prompt payment! thanks".  

Wow, I'm going to call B*** S*** on that one!

Now, I'm really angry and I sort of don't want to deal with this hassle on ebay ever again.

Sorry, I just had to vent.

So stay away from user: Pdtdog  

He's a fraud.



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Re: Man, forget Ebay.
« Reply #1 on: February 11, 2008, 03:55:34 PM »

As long as we're doing e-bay rants.

My beef is when users put gear up for auction with no reserve and then pull the item a few minutes before close because it's obvious that the item is going for a low price.

Nathan Rousu

tom eaton

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Re: Man, forget Ebay.
« Reply #2 on: February 12, 2008, 07:47:52 AM »

Right, when it's so much easier to have a friend outbid the highest bidder.  Like real auction houses do.

In the "real" auction business It is not at all unusual to have a "phone bid" come in at the the last minute from an unknown source that outbids all the people on the floor at the auction house.


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