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Billy Yates:
Greetings all...
After the NAMM Show Petri Dish affair (everybody got sick) I have finally caught up on things in the shop. I found time to repair an SM2, an RCA BA6A and now I have a Church Mic, one of approximately 200 made...a very robust and well machined item at that.
My question: Does any one here know of its origins and history? I only have a sketchy run down about this...designed by a guy named Church, err...capsules from Germany etc.
I am drawing up a schematic for reference and taking pictures if anyone is interested. another thing that I must find out is cleaning capsules. I won't undertake this mind you but I am sure there are those out there who have done this and whether it is worth it. The capsule on this mic is a bit dirty.
Seeing how this is a rare and expensive item I feel that its important to research any course of action in order to restore it to its full potential.
Billy Yates

Hey Billy,

Try a Search on Klaus' Forum.

There have been several threads mentioning Church mics.

Billy Yates:
Thank you Terry. And how have you been?
Billy Yates

All good.

How's that EMT?

Let us know whatever you find out from your meanderings in the Church.

These were made by Stanley Church at MGM in the 50's to be somewhat like a 47 crossed with a C12 (M7+6072), although most 47/12 afficianados don't agree that it quite got there.

Still should be very good if kept up though.

Billy Yates:
The EMT...
Finished restoring the electronics, installed but not in the tie lines yet. I'm waiting for the studio to be dark for a few days to catch up on maintenance. Still waiting on the EMT 240, but I do have a 245...does that count?
As to the Church Mic vs U47...all I can say is Capsule, Tube, Transformer. I'll post a thread over at Klause's forum and see what I dredge up. I'm too tired to search the archives tonight.
Thanks again Terry.
Billy Yates


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