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George....what's the resolution of analog?

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Geoff Emerick de Fake:
minister wrote on Mon, 25 January 2010 15:15

Calling this book "digital for dummies" just reveals your arrogance which does not impress me in the least.
I'm not impressed with yours either. Your "recommandation" to read these posts and books was quite rude. Like recommanding Popular Electronics to Dan Lavry or George Massenburg... Quote:
 It is hardly a book for dummies. I suggest perusing it.
I have more than perused it. I have the first edition of it, and read it. It's an excellent scientific popularization, where all subjects are covered not in great depth. It's not a book that can be used for designing products.
But it is largely sufficient to answer the question: Does more level means more significant bits?


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