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Author Topic: IMP16 discussion  (Read 24055 times)

Gabriel F

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Re: IMP16 discussion
« Reply #180 on: February 23, 2008, 12:49:44 pm »

Yes it seems this time there will be less reviews than previous IMPs.

Gabriel F

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Re: IMP16 discussion
« Reply #181 on: February 23, 2008, 02:47:17 pm »

here are my reviews. feel free to discuss them.

grant richard: nice balance overall. Snare its grabbing too much
attention. and lead vocal a touch loud.bass is a little uneven. nice vocal sounds.

maxim: i like the intro idea but the drums or the entire band enters too late and without power. wow you took the drums out again i think its not a good idea in a pop song too do that. and bass its more upfront than most instruments. i like the way the bass sounds but it is highlited too much. i dont think distorted vocals works for this kind of song.

drew: bass lacks power. the acustic guitar seems isolated. i like the drums.

fantomas (this is me): i filtered too much the overheads and they
sound weird. bass its a little hot. vocals levels are uneven. vocals are loud most the time. and background vocals all over the place. the drum loop part, well my first idea was to mute it and let just voclas and acustic gtr, but i tried i new plug in it seemed nice at the time now i know its overdone.

icombs: bass sound boomy and muddy. i dont like the bass drum it
sounds like pantera, the snare is nice. vocals could be brighter and maybe louder during chorus.

greg dixon. organ a touch loud, electric guitars lacks definition and power, nice vocal sound, snare its too dry.

mcbraddy: that intro i think it doesnt work, it sould start with
power, shaker too loud, snare sounds thin, it needs some sustain. one of the electric guitars its too loud and they have too much mid range for me. nice phaser i would like it more subtle. no acustic guitar at the break

T. Goodwin

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Re: IMP16 discussion
« Reply #182 on: March 04, 2008, 04:06:33 pm »

ho ho, bet you guys weren't expecting anything this late eh? let me know if anything is unclear, these are notes I took while listening and probably only have slight resemblance to actual English.

sstillwell - whole lot of shaker. don't like the airport terminal reverb on vocal. might be better if you cut out the sibilance in it. OH seems too bright. I like that kick drum. severely awkward tuning in places. I noticed an awkward tom cut somewhere in the middle. good snare sound. good ending, though it may have been better without the organ holding so long. mix overall is lacking meat.

Billybehdaz - ah, here's the beef I was looking for. drum sounds are too dull and bulky. not sure what you did to the vocal, but I like it. Vox work well with the organ. kick drum is missing click. the beatbox part seems too edgy and prescent. overall a good mix, but the lows and lowmids could have been thinned out a bit.

electric warrior - bass and snare are good and punchy, but too prominently displayed. vox don't sit well. maybe too dry? loud bg vox. everything sounds as if it's in different rooms. OHs sound phasey, but that's probably just my monitoring. this mix could have used the organ to pull itself together

Audio Geek - mids are absent. I like the vox, but with no mids I'm struggling to hear them. Also makes the sibilance stick out much more. I love the tape stop effect, but not it starting back up. that's very much a matter of taste however. bass guitar too loud. I like how quiet you have the OHs.

Teleric - Vox seem to drone and are pretty dull. Like the tone on the guitar leads. Lead and backup vocals don't blend. you've got a good thump going with the bass drum.

grant richard - this one's got the beef without the mud. rythm guitars are the only parts noticebly needing high end. I like the hard panned guitars about a third through. did you add grit to the right one? bass guitar sounds great. It was really hard to get rid of the drone-y low end of the bass, but you did it extremely well. very velvety. whatever you did to the vocals is similar to what Billybehdaz did, and I've liked it both places. I like the organ quivering at the end. If you didn't do that, then I just must be noticing it.

SingSing - good god this is loud. vocal grit would have been flattered by taking out more breath sounds. the drums coming back in after the beatbox part was spectacular, but I can't decide if I like the guitars there or not. great levels all around, and good creative use of distortion and tone shaping.



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Re: IMP16 discussion
« Reply #183 on: March 08, 2008, 10:37:16 am »

I realise I posted mine WAAAYYY late, but access to my studio monitors when I don't actually have a working project on the go is very very irregular. I do promise I didn't listen to everyone's mix's until AFTER I'd uploaded mine.

I wont take it personally if it's taken down given how late it is, but I would really love some feedback if anyone wants to give it a listen.

Hopefully I can get back in on this IMP thing for the next one. I did really love these the couple of times I tried to participate.


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Re: IMP16 discussion
« Reply #184 on: April 05, 2008, 12:29:11 pm »

J-Texas wrote on Mon, 11 February 2008 14:02

I must say...

I'm COMPLETELY disappointed in the ratio of entries to reviews.

Mixers spent at least a couple of hours working on this tune and there's not one hour left in the last few weeks to do a review of the entries?

Lazy. I don't care if you're up to your ears in work (most of us are), you could do a couple here and a few there.

Very disappointing.  Confused

Okay I'm no expert by any means, though I'll give it a shot.
Note the following is only my opinion, I'm a sucker for clarity and high end (so be warned), also I haven't participated in that IMP (but will in the next Razz) so I'm not very familiar with the song. Also please don't take it personal (I kept everything very short so it might seem rude, but believe me it isn't)::

IMP16 Drew.mp3:
Overall good mix, though the snare seems rather monotonic and thus really drawing too much attraction. I also kind'a miss the hats and cymbals a bit.

IMP16-Audio~Geek.mp3: X
The bass is a bit boomy and sometimes gets out of control. I also miss stereo spread. (Again there seems something with the snare, maybe that's just how it is.. we'll see).

Snare on this one is good. Maybe the guitars are a bit too loud. But apart from that well done.

Snare seems to be too isolated and kind 'a cracking on its own (I shall refrain from commenting on the snare from now on Wink). I think a softer less aggressive snare would have suited the song better. I don't like the verb on the vocals, makes the whole thing become unfocused.

Kick is too weak.

HiHats are too present. Over compressed. Vocals don't integrate well in the mix.

IMP16-slash5969.mp3: X
The vocals are mixed very alternative IMO (is that a stereo phaser on them?), too loud and muddy and cover the whole mix.

The vocals got a tad too much verb on them (though I must admit I don't like to long reverbs in general). The drums in the break part are a bit too loud and too snappy.

IMP16_VKorehov.mp3: X
Sorry I have to say it again the snare (I prolly wouldn't have done any better though).

The toms (at around 24 sec) need some serious work. The idea with the round panning (?) BGVs in the chorus is nice thought but not were good elaborated.

IMP_16_Billybehdaz.mp3.mp3: X
The vocals could be a bit more up front/louder.

Imp_16_Antman.mp3: X
Well what can I say, probably passed a compressor and limiter on the master bus, so there isn't really much mix to judge, it refer to this as a master.

Nice mix, good balance, though the highs could sparkle a bit more through (Note: I like highs).

Sounds dull and muddy (I'm a sucker for clarity).

Cymbals sound a bit washy.

Kick Seems a bit weak, as well as the cymbals. Shaker a tad too loud, though.

imp16 fantomas.mp3:
Snare doesn't integrate well, no real definition in the guitars. The clarity in the cymbals is missing.

I might have missed some (sorry to those I missed, but my opinion isn't really important anyway, or?).

Oh and those with an X were way to loud for mixes (that means, if someone asks me to master a mix like that, I'd tell them it was way over compressed for mastering and ask for a revision). I found it rather hard to judge those loud mixes, because I were fronted with a wall of sound that really hadn't much definition to it, I mean the mixes could have be good, but I personally can't really judge that.

I guess that was it. Looking forward to the next IMP Smile.
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