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Dual Platform External Hard Drive?

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Jonas as:
I do it every day,
i use a PC-formatted fat-32 firewire/usb 2 that i simply unplug from the stationary
work-PC and into my powerbook, it's instantly recognized, and the days finished mixes, edit-candidates is just a drag and drop (copy/paste depending on your personal preferences) away from my personal archive.

Apart from the copying itself, the whole process takes about 4 seconds, thats including waking up the powerbook from sleep mode.    

It's better than a long CD burning process, 600-700megs aren't very much if talking
multitrack anyway.

PC's don't like mac formatted HD's much, and why should they? It's not like Macs are that keen on working with NTFS drives either.

Great, i'll try re-formatting to FAT-32 then - i agree, i tired of burning CD-R's (or a stack of them at a time) awhile ago, so if i can get this cookin' that'll be wonderful! Thanks.

So i started to format the drive to FAT-32, and i come to find out that in Windows 2000 it can only format up to 32GB at a time, with my 200 GB drive that would be 7 partitions, which i don't even think is possible to do. Also, i can only transfer 4GB at a time with the FAT-32 protocol. Western Digital reccomends formatting to NTFS, however, the MAC dosen't like/see that. If i format in MAC land, then the PC can't see the drive. When i am transferring an entire projects audio files, that can be 10GB + sometimes, so the 4GB limit of FAT-32 is really a bummer. Could i format in MAC OS and buy something like MAC Opener for the PC? Any ideas? Thanks.

Format it as FAT32 using the disk utility in Mac OS X and/or a format utility from your drive vendor.  That will get rid of the partition limit size.

Max file size on FAT32 is 2GB per file.  


Invisible Member:
Ive been using something called Transmac. I can transfer Mac files onto a PC or back. No Problems.



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