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Dual Platform External Hard Drive?

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Computer question here: If I get a combo USB/Firewire External Hard Drive would i be able to transfer WAV files from my Mac to my PC? I am not looking to transfer session data, just the raw audio files. I am just thinking that I would probably have to format the drive for MAC OS or PC (Fat 32 or similar) and i don't know if the drive would be recognized if I plug it into the machine that it is not formatted for. Does anyone know about this, or, if this dosen't work - the best way to transfer large files like this between platforms? I've been using an FTP server currently, and even with a T1 line it still takes a long time. Thanks!

Are you primarily a mac or a pc user? Are you using osX? In my experience you can mount a pc-formatted drive in osX with *no* problems at all. Going the other way (mac drive on a pc) might cause some headaches (I've really only had these types of problems with fonts, all those damn hidden mac files...), but I would wager that it will work just fine, especially for just raw audio data.

i am primarily a Mac user, but have 2 PC's i use for mastering @ work. I tried using the drive formatted for Mac on my PC this morning, and it recognizes that there is a drive there, but does not show it in the "my computer" view. I am currently running OS X Panther on my Mac and Windows 2000 Pro on my PC's. Perhaps i will try to reformat the drive on the PC side and see if it mounts in Mac land...

Why not drop your wav files onto a CD-RW when you want to move them?  Both platforms shold be able to deal with that.

Rail Jon Rogut:
I highly recommend MacDrive5 from MediaFour -- if you have sd2 files which you need to convert to WAV (or BWF) check out my free sdTwoWav app at www.railjonrogut.com



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