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Author Topic: U99 vs Brauner Valvet  (Read 3143 times)


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U99 vs Brauner Valvet
« on: May 10, 2004, 12:28:59 am »

I do a lot of female pop vocals.

I had a U99, and in an itch to keep experimenting, I sold it, and really could kick myself.

Thinking of getting another one...it sounded great on the stuff I like to do, although sometimes....say, with a group of 4 background singers belting away...it was a little bright.

In my quest for that big, ultimate air mic, a lot of people have brought up the Brauner Valvet. I am wondering how it compares to the U99 overall...is it brighter? Brighter in an edgey way or a good way? Similar?

Thanks for any feedback. Whatever my next mic is, I'm using an ISA110 LE, if that makes any difference regarding a good match.

Thanks for any input....
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