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1. Introduction, Strawberry old pics, Shorefire link, Leon Russell pics (old and new), link to The Who 8 channel desk at APE.

2. UA Webzine link, Basing St. info, RF in New York problems for Henry Hirsch studio, Clapton 8 channel desk pics.

3. More RF discussion, Lustraphone, Bill Mueller's underwear, Hyde St. Shots/Chance's REP scans.

4. More Chance scans of REP Helios ads, Peter Weihe's TX experiments, RSM pic, more balancing discussion, Ramport pic.

5. T. Arnold "Type 69" question, more Ramport, Hansa desk link. Chris Blackwell, Apple Helios pics.

6. Apple pic, Magic Alex, John Alcock, Glyn Johns visit, IBC pic/discussion, Rough Mix, SSLtech chimes in.

7. APE studios, more Leon info, Harry J pics, T. Arnold "Type 69" review discussion.

8. Sowter's Lustraphone attempt, balancing TX discussion, UA Helios plug.

9. More TX/Firlotte discussion, DS Manor info, New York RF issues.

10. Rmoore likes the Helios reissues, Langevin EQ in Harry J?, "I'm Not In Love" links/ Vocal loops discussion.

11. RSM and Manor Mobile EQ pics, Manor Sowter TX pics, Arctic pics, more Manor 4 band pics.

12. Talent/Oslo studios, DS Swettenham opinion, Peter's Island Hammersmith pics.

13. Op amps?, Olive consoles.

14. It's DeVivo!, Ronnie Lane Mobile pics.

15. Russ Schlagbaum, Island Basing St. resto pic, Helioscentric pic, Shorefire active EQ pic, Strawberry Active EQ pic, Hammersmith EQ design, more balancing ideas.

16. Island Hammersmith history cont., more balancing opinion, TrackPlan pic, Active EQ signal summing in Island Hammersmith, DS Swettenham AES video.

17. Emerick's Apple studios list, RLM Airstream link, More Island Basing St. modern pics, UTC TX.

18. Manor Mobile pic/discussion, Cadac?, Where is the Basing St. Desk?, The Stones at Olympic, Olympic studio 1 desk, Early EQ pics from Cyril Jones.

19. Island Paris pics. Russ Schlagebaum phone call, UA Helios Plug pic, Peter's Helios logo pic.

20. UA Helios Plug discussion, Type 69?, Jason Carmer's Helios/ For sale?

21. Helios TX use evolution, Lumberjacks,
"Type 69/78" discussion, Helios listening test announcement, more "version" number discussion.

23. Sound Techniques mention, UA plug in Helios test?, Olympic #2 and Dan Alexander, more "Type 69" name discussion, Modular style desks, Tea for the Tillerman at Morgan.

24. Tonstudiotechnik pic, Topic Records 8 channel mixer pic, T. Arnold Townhouse pic, Bob Thiele, Ocean Way Melcore discussion, Inside Island magazine scan/pic.

25. LoHo Manor Mobile pic, T. Arnold's "Type 69" explanation, Client list scan, first Helios in the U.S.?, Helios EQ defines the desk discussion, Release Records pic, Norway desk closeup pic from VK.

26. Olympic/Hyde St. desk's fate, UA/Basing St. connection, Sound Techniques article, Pete Townshend's Helios recollection.

27. Sound Techniques discussion, importance of "EQ", ADR questions, more Peter Weihe detective work on the differences between desks, E800 specs.

28. F700, F760, RSM 700 pics, RSM pics, Scamp Rack, Jason Carmer/Basing St. comp pic, UAD movie link, Allotrope pics, "Sound Recording Practice" book mention w/ RS., Eric Stewart at the 8 trk pic.

29. Townhouse pic, Barbarossa studio info, Hammersmith 760 pic, TAB mixer pic, Court Of The Crimson King info, Helios test dates, ADR phasor/flanger. Aphex lust.

30. 3 band sweep+high pass eq, Don't call him "Dick", Bob Krusen's Olympic and Island Mobile pics, modern Hansa/Private room pic and info, Hansa F760 closeup pic, RSM F700, Auto Phasor, Flanger pic, Countryman 968 pcb pic, No F760's in the Townhouse?, Townhouse video monitor?

31. More Hanza info/automation being added, Chateau d'Herouville, Joe Walsh's Alice console, Alice/Trackplan info, RSM F600 pic, Alice BD7 Trackplan/Comp/Limiter/Gate, RSM info, modern RSM pic.

32. Trackplan pics, Langevin 251s?, API 2520's, "Broad-boost/narrow-cut" EQ.

33. More makeup gain/EQ discussion, Barbarossa Helios pics and info, more Langvin pics and info, Island EQ internal pic.

34. Island IC's function, Olympic #2 internal pic. 1974 RSM pic and article scan. "Smoke On The Water", "Bob Marley 'Live' at the Lyceum".

35. More Barbarossa info., Musicland question, Studio 70 pic and article scan, more Hansa info, Third Eye Blind buys Musicland Helios, RCA Italiana A. console pic.

36. Parting out consoles, desk mojo, Lagos/Mushroom/Hirsch desk pic and info.

37. Ugly knobs, Mellotron "loops", more Mushroom info, Olympic studios pic/timeline link, Keith Grant at the first Swettenham desk pic, Russian mic pic.

38. More Olympic history, Sifam and Bulgin knob configs, Who Helios sidecar or part of the Ramport desk?/pics, Don King, Studio 70 pic, Echo Mt. Silver info, mystery Helios sidecar pic, Joe has early Island eq's.

39. VK sells Dawnbreaker desk, Helios "consul" sound/Direct to disk/Tannoy opinion, Mainos TV desk pic, keeping the desks together opinion, Helios ad w/ Olympic and Island desks, Manor Mobile pics.

40. More Tannoy opinion, Basing St. pic, more "keeping the desks together" discussion, RSM sidecar pic, Gardners TX's and pic, Mellotron stories, Fletcher doesn't like 'em.

41. Garners TX's discussed, Leon Russell Helios back photo of Gardners, Leon desk closeup pic, patchbay pic and discussion, Leon desk color scheme, Edyne pic, Quad 8 lunchbox pic,

42. RSM channels 26-32 pic, UA Webzine/Eric Stewart link, 3 band vs. 4 band active discussion, 3 band active Strawberry pic, Vintage Helios vs. reissue prototype?, Germanium transistors, "Neve blue" Sphere out of the Enactron truck pic.

43. Silvertone/Pink Sphere info, Anoushka Shankar pic and discussion, Helios test method info, Maison Rouge Mobile pic, Germanium pics available?.

44. Olympic studio 1, desk #3 info and pic, Helios test discussion and dates, Pete Townshend Helios info and opinion.

45. More Helios test discussion, Pete has the Plug-in, Helios test splitter?, Helios test modules list, Pauly chimes in.

46. Ramport TX info/studio pics, LMS pics, inside BK's Ramport eq's, Helios "Custom" flyer/Maison Rouge config pic, Germanium transistors?, Strawberry Active EQ Transistor list.

47. Helios 69 reissue inside pic, Strawberry Active transistor ID from Bob Krusen, DI guitars into Helios, "Sound Engineer" magazine Townhouse pics, Helios test "atmosphere", modern Townhouse pic from Shorefire.

48. No Strawberry schemes, Joe clips Townhouse wings/pics, Townhouse corner and quad panner pics, Andy Johns remembers LedZep IV, guitar sounds from Big/small amps, Binson Echorec on LZ IV, Island Mobile EQ transistor list.

49. "Rebuild Strawberry 1." Pic, ME series transistors/pics, Germanium in Strawberry pic, Helios fuzz box?, Townhouse frequency meter, Strawberry 1 sold to "Pluto" studios, we need an index, black "mystery module" from Neal Ward.

50. RS sales book arrives/scans, Strawberry 24 bus version pic/Hidley remodel, Original Strawberry brochure scans, Studio 70 pic, SSLtech remembers.

51. Island router closeup pic, Musicland brochure scans, Tommy Bolin, Giorgio Moroder.

52. More discussion on the Strawberry Active circuit, op-amp use, changing caps, BarFunGul menu.

53. PCB pics, replacing tantalums, Parr St. studios, Ampex valve 8trk pic, more Helios test ideas and advice, Allotrope b/w pic.

54. 4X RLM pics, Helios test method suggestions, Test list firms up.

55. Re-amping suggestion for Helios test and response from T. Arnold, Acitve EQ prototype pic, Townhouse/Shorefire EQ pic, Larry DeVivo Helios test objectives, C12/Ribbon test pic, Elma switch router for test.

56. Final Helios test info, JJ plays with a "Type 69", Helios/Neve comparison, Pauly's beer menu plans, Johnny Cash recordings/Johnny and June pic.

57. Dan Schwartz sends his EQ to the test, More test details and schedule, Test crew pic.

58. Joe, David and Pauly's post test PSW posts/ thanks.

59. Gang/Modules test pic, Manor EQ, Ken McKim info, setup/signal path/instrument test info, switcher pic, Module pic ID pic.

60. Peter Weihe's phase filter card mod, Test bass amp mic correction, Sarah McLachlan/La Maison Rouge Helios, Dave Amels/Eddy Kramer pic, Ward Beck CONSOLE pic.

61. No alcohol during the Helios test, no published opinion yet, Helios equipment naming/type numbers, Peter Weihe's test concerns, Manor EQ opinion, Heiioscentric pics and history, more TX discussion.

62. "Historic test", Too much wire?, DS Manor use, Building Helioscentric/Cyril or no Cyril?, 22113 eq pic, Anamod impressions, Tape Op/Amels Helios 1 review unit pics, Tim DeParavacini TX thoughts.

63. Peter Weihe's modification correction and results, Joe's test opinion II, DK test opinion again, "listening bias", rebuild Lustraphone TX's, Oslo Norway Helios rebuild info and pics, Manor/Townhouse pic, Manor/Townhouse differences.

64. More Oslo Helios pics, more TX clone opinion, RSM F700 pair pic, Manor/Townhouse schematic scans and differences discussion.

65. German distributor for Type 69 reissue, Helios spreadsheet?, TX cloning a black art?, isolating the circuit to test the TX, Helios panel color, partial Townhouse/Manor EQ schematic scan, Sowter Lustraphone clone changed?, Helios "where are they now?" link.

66. Initial Ken McKim "Firlotte TX" test results and discussion, damped/un-damped input, "where are they now" pic, "Tempo" Helios schematic, Sowter 3374 specs, Manor Helios original price.

67. Mick Glossop recollections of The Manor and Townhouse desks+ link, Townhouse opamp pic, Oliver Archut TX opinion, Allotrope TX/ PEQ1.

68. Tempo: yet another EQ design?, Melcor AE20 pic, Gold Star desk info, Townhouse and Tempo EQ schemes/ differences, Peter's test sessions and EQ/Preamp list, More Manfred/Weihe tests results with their EQ mod ("don't blame the Sowters"), 3 different circuit designs for Sowter modules, Pauly's Sowter/Firlotte comparison results, Weihe mods for The Manor Helios?

69. Helios line amp mods for specific TX's/Schematics, Manor/Island similarities, recordingconsoles.net link, "ex-Island" schematic corrections, why damping on early modules? Testing Sowter/Lustraphone TX's, Pauly's Firlotte conclusions, Active Mk 1/Mk II?

70. Mk II EQ designed when?, more Ken McKim mod observations, Helios Factory Works scan, more Mick Glossop Manor recollections, Strawberry Active EQ Mk??, Wild Sky Studios desk=Tempo, Ian Terry recollections-Tempo is last Helios/first VCA's?

71. Lagos ARC/Mushroom/Edison desk ID, Oslo Studio B pic, Mushroom recollections, Ian Terry's Helios automation info, KPM studios pic, T. Arnold's TX test results.

72. Peter Weihe/Manfred mod comparisons around the world?, DS/Manor automation panel pic, DS amp card pics, Biaseelfsu's Helios rebuild info.

73. Mick Glossop's Manor automation recollection, Tonstudio Bauer=Talent Studio Helios, Oslo Norway Studio A Helios refurb pics, John Cuniberti's Hyde St. use of Olympic #2/ pic/ discussion, Olympic #2 eq question, Ampex MM1000 16 trk pic, Ampex 1100/1200 comments.

74. More MM1000 comments, Pre refurb Talent studios pic, 2 Strawberry EQ's found/pic, Alvin Lee pic, Audiotronics desk?

75. Talent Studios now purple, Audiotronics pic, another Talent Studios Helios pic.

76. Richard Swettenham DVD, Lenny Kravitz/Strawberry Racks pic, Audities Foundation Strawberry Racks pic.

77. Ken McKim test retraction/discussion, Re-issue "improvements" good?, line amps for Olympic #2?

78. RSM pic from "Exile On Main St." days w/Tannoy Red monitors, RSM 2007 pic, RSM flyer scan, Olympic #2 pic w/ Lustraphone TX, RSM tape machines?,

79. Scully tape machines, Olympic #1 inside pic 2007, More Talent Studios refurb pics, "Exile On Main St." persons, Studio 70 desk for sale/ pic 2007.

80. Ebay Studio 70 desk/37K/more pics?, Ron Nevison RLM recollections, Steve Miller/Helios comment, Entwistle at the Clapton Helios pic, Joe Gibb/Sound Techniques in Jamaica, Audities Sound Techniques pic, Joy Division/Strawberry pic, John Burns/Genesis pics.

81. Sound Techniques module internal shot, Sound Techniques studio list from BK, more Joe Gibbs Studio info, ST link/discussion, Studio 17 pics, Ebay Helios racked eq link.

82. Wunder Audio Clapton pics/ comments, Ebay racked eq internal pic, Allotrope desk pics/discussion, Mushroom Helios pic.

83. Lagos/Mushroom/Edison Helios eq internal shot, "Firlotte" TX subs=Cinemag,
Clapton Helios recent history, New Helios consoles?.

84. Cinemag TX discussion, more Clapton desk history, Jeff McLaine/Richard Swettenham pic, Billy Yates/Echo Mt. Silver pics/info.

85. Billy Yates line amp "mystery board" pics/info/discussion, more Clapton value/ provenance comments, "Trackplan" info, Joe Walsh "Alice" desk info, 2128 and 15C1 pics/info, Clapton module pics/info, Grampian/Joe Meek info/pic, Vortexion mixer info.

86. Rusty's Island Mobile pics/info, Dan Alexander Helios #2 schematic scan, Type numbers ref sheet scan, More Billy Yates module opinion, Mk 3 Chassis layout scan, Island Mobile brochure scans, Wiki RSM link, More Island Mobile pics.

87. Island Desks montage pic, Island Mobile X8 Boutique rack pic, Bob Krusen's Island Mobile pic.

88. Tom Reichenbach cloning Lustraphone, Cinemag contact info, Helios God?

89. Results of the test?, Strawberry rebuild 12-2007 pic, Wraparound desk designs, Tape Op, Magic Shop Neve wraparound,.

90. Olympic sonic differences, Larry's Edyne article odyssey, more Magic Shoppe info.

91. Sad Caf


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