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Author Topic: Avantone CV-28  (Read 6175 times)


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Avantone CV-28
« on: November 15, 2007, 12:56:59 PM »

i bought this mic for acoustic guitar recording. First i touched base with the company with some general questions, i often do this just to see if i get a response (i am still waiting on tascam to get back to me on the porta studio question i had in 87 - haha)

the company wrote me back the next day and answered all my general questions about this mic and acoustic guitar recording. nothing in depth here, just wanted to see if i would get a response. so far so good.

so i bought it from sweetwater, it arrived 2 days later

you get a very nice aluminum case
the mic
2 spare capsules
shock mount
30 foot mic cable
power supply

all for 499 bucks

so how does it sound? i put it up on my taylor 314 in my room (non treated spare room in house) and started banging pretty hard with a heavy gauge pic, the sound (once i moved the mic back about 9 inches from the 12th fret pointing towards the sound hole) was crisp and clear, nice bottom end without distoring and crisp top end i had been missing WITHOUT the pic scrap shriek i always expereinced with my 22 251 positioned ANYWHERE (meaning close, 3 feet away, behind me, over the shoulder etc)

i am running it thru an API 512c -RNC -RME FF 800 44.1/24/256 into cubase 4.1

finger picking, which sounds pretty good on my 22 251 was also very nice and detailed.

i emailed the company about the other capsules and they suggested one of the other ones (can't remember which one now) would be even better on acoustic

the mic itself is heavy and really nicely made (as far as i can tell), its solid and looks pretty nice. not sure if i love the burgandy color but whatever.

5 year warranty

customer service has been stellar.

i am looking at the CV=12 now for some vocals. that in addition to the cham labs mics and "for me" along with possibly a pearlman with a u47 somewhere down the affordable road will pretty much take care of any and all needs i might have

my mics now

22 251 peluso
avantone cv-28
fat head
MXL something or other 990 i think?
Baby Bluebird

anyway just wanted to post this in case any other home guys might be wanting something cost effective and pretty darn good for acoustic guitar

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