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ADK S-7b, A real Gem!

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Not that I could tell.

Both of my Neumann M-49's came with only solid mounts.

Never  problem.

Six of my eleven 87's came with solid mounts.

Never a problem.

All six of my 414-EB's came with only solid mounts.

Never a problem.

Not that there might not ever be a situation where an elasticised spider mount mightn't improve something, but the "need" for these is way, way overblown.

Just like a lot of things in the gear world today.

Sounds like Larry is doing good things with his "B."

(Larry, I will still be checking in with you to get some mics, just been too busy.)

Larry Villella:
Thanks for all the lively comments gents!! End-users Rule!!

There is a heavy-duty shock mount due end of December for all the new generation ADK, including the S-7.  

The irony here is that JP predicted the "B" Vesion would be perfect for Brass !!  ADK is nothing without our design-engineers.

On that point, as of the end of this year, 100% of all ADK Audiophile Series Mics will be built in this new factory (where A6 / S-7) are made, with 100% new electronics, capsules, and exceptionally rigorous QC.  

The proof is in the consistancy, durability, and musicality!!!

For Rock And Roll - Give me an S-7.  But for Horns, I love the new S-7 "B" version.  

ADK's long-term goal is to build a mic to cover every source-material.

Glad to hear we're making some headway . . . .

Larry Villella posted in another thread:

It is possible to TUNE the S-7 to be several shades "darker"

We created two Darker Shades of the S-7 for evaluation.

Chestnut Ale and Guiness if you like . . .

It seems that Trumpetman2's favorite of the S-7s is the darkest of the microphones (Is this right?).  Larry, is that the popular one in other quarters, too?

I think that marketing it as a "brass" microphone might be a mistake.  It seems that there are many "bright" large diaphragm condensers but there may be quite a bit of room for darker-voiced LD microphones.  I have a much easier time mixing when every track does not have a presence peak between 5khz and 15khz.


Larry Villella:
I think it could be explained this way -

Trumpetman picked the exact variation (B) that JP predicted would be the most useful color for Brass.  

The "C" version turned out to be a bit off the mark.  

For Most Rock and Roll High SPL Sources, we think the stock version S-7 (marked A for the blind-tests) is spot-on.  

For Brass, Reeds, the S-7B is getting exceedingly positive responses.  I think of it as a Hamburg Version of S-7.  

If someone wanted a Vienna Version, we're capable of offering that up, too.  Our High SPL mic has adaptability.  (Why not?)

Indeed, the ADK Custom Shop is set up to build one-offs of Any ADK product.  

As a practical matter, are there enough brass and reed players out there to support a separate production model?

Only time will tell . . .


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