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Neumann U60 (U67) Question

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I am doing an appraisal of a studio and I am really stumped on one item. One of their rarest items is a legitimate Neumann U60. I know that these mics are essentially (if not identical to) U67's.  The microphone is all original and in full working order. Cosmetically it has a few dings as well as some oxidation on the mic body.  

Do these mics have any additional value over a standard U67 simply by their name?

Klaus Heyne:
For collectors, they do. Maybe not a huge premium at this point, but down the road, maybe more, as less than 30 were made.

Tony Merrill:
Another thing to consider is; what type of capsule does it have?
If it has the original prototype edge terminated capsule (we called it a "K60", I don't know Neumann's designation,) it could be a Real collector's piece ...

Soundwise, though... let's just say there's a reason they produce the K67.

J.J. Blair:
Somebody just sent me a pic of their U60, with this capsule inside.  I'm suspicious about this mount.  It looks very homemade.  Also, there's no edge terminated capsule, as Tony spoke of.

I have an original brass ringed K67 capsule, but mine is different from this in several aspects.  First, this does not have the ubiquitous hand written numbers.  Also, no grey paint on the screws.  The large screws look completely wrong to me, as well.  

Any thoughts?

Klaus Heyne:
I have worked on three U60 in my life time. They all had center-terminated variations on the theme depicted: These were the (K67) capsule, with final backplate dimensions and diaphragms, but with prototype variations in assembly and mounting hardware.

The mount looks authentic to me:
The ganged, two-wire strapping that is used as capsule holder was common to all of them, until the closed-loop nickel-plated brass ring was introduced, with the first genuine U67s. That first series of closed-loop mounts had threads for three tiny set screws-the capsule was held in place in a similar fashion as M7 capsules.

Only around late 1960/early 1961 would the final mounting set up be introduced which remained in place throughout the original U67 run: four slot screws attach the capsule to the mounting ring via threads cut into the backplates.


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