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Well, my brother and I stumbled over an old headphone in the cellar, a Sennheiser HD250 Linear, and found out it was reissued in an MK2 version. So we bought new cushions (they are really prone to disintegrate) and tested again - wow!
Highly recommended headphones for studio use, even for very very long sessions they are not fatiguing. Reaching very deep (5 Hz in the spec? Does anyone need this?) and very balanced overall. I guess the reissue might be that good as well.
Not too high priced for the value, which is really GREAT.

Kind regards,

Colin Larson:
Anyone ever try the sony mdr-v150's?  They're like 20 bucks at walmart and they sound good for the price... I've tried a lot of cheapo headphones and these blow the rest out of the water at their price point.  I've broken and repaired my AKG K240's three times in the time I've had these, and they continue to work flawlessly.

We just switched to all Fostex.
The 20, the 40 and the 50.
We have a pair of the Extreme Isolation, too.
Some drummers love them.

I use AKG K271 MKII's as my "nice" pair. I use HD202's in situations where I am worried about my headphones or if i am lending them to people. The 202's are a great bang for your buck although the connectors eventually go on them.


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