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Hi all, I'm interested in what everyone is using for headphones while recording. not just at the desk, but what do you have the performers using, drummers, singers, guts, bass, keys, horns ect....

Sennheiser 280s all around... if you shop around, can find them for $69.

Audio-Technica ATH-M40Fs for zee artiste, while I stick to Beyerdynamic DT250. I would buy a bunch of Sennheiser HD25

I got tired of headphones blowing out, or being stepped on by musicians during tracking, so I started selling some I found that do the job for cheap (like $20 each).  They're called MoreMe Headphones, and they're cheap and easily replaced.

See: http://moreme.info for more details.  

So far, there's about a 1,000+ pair out there with very few complaints.

No, they're not as good as the Sennheisers, AKGs, or the big Sonys, but they're good enough for tracking, and they're loud and rugged, with pretty decent isolation.

For critical listening, I use a pair of open backed R/S Nova 67s, or the Grado R80s.

i use whatever the studio i booked has for tracking

i see sony's more then anything....

harvey, what do you think of your grados?

i really want to get a pair and have heard that the SR80's are great but for a little more money you can get better bass response with the 225's

what are you thoughts?


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