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Jay-Z representin' with "the new black"

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one of my most rockin holmies is an indie band called "the new black"

they are on thick records and just got back from europe.

see, my holmie hits me up this mornin' representin his return to america.  and hits me with this:


check it out, the whole Jay-Z thing put to only new black songs.


Maybe those of you here would be interested in seeing yet another version of this "the slack album" Jay-Z mixed with Pavement's "Slanted & Enchanted" when will the madness end??

man, i'm not totally sure who "authorized" the album vocals of his record to be distributed.....i've heard various stories, most relate back to Jay-Z wanting to do it.

but seriously, i love the idea, and some cool stuff has come of it

hell, maybe he's watching all this happen, listening to all of it, looking for a new producer.

this rules. haha.  (that jay-z album isnt bad on it's own either)

cool stuff...

Jay was smart as hell for authorizing the acapella album...


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