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Excuse me sir, but how can it be legal if it is free? Do you think artists are giving it away through your spiralfrog? My stuff is being sold as downloads, ringtones or given away by at least 50 sites (to my knowledge), all claiming to be legal. None of them have my permission, I do not get any money from them, they do not answer e-mails (of course). As long as people like you go along with this, musicians and and studios will work for nothing, while the internet based thieving scum is making money. Please use your brain guys, especially if you are in the business, as I presume you are.
Sorry if it sounds angry , I am not, just bemused.



Brent Handy:
It's simple stupid.  We aren't supposed to be paid anything for music, because it is so simple that anyone can do it.  We make too much money anyway.  We don't need big studios and stuff.  We can go to Guitar Center and spend a couple of grand on a 002 and some foam and it's the same thing.  Power to the people.

I can't believe people think this way.  It is insane.

For the record, Pandora is a fully-legit, internet radio site.  They pay RIAA net radio fees, which they can afford by selling web ads and ad-free subscriptions.  The license is for streaming to computers in the U.S.A. only right now, but they're working on changing that...


Nifty too... the Music Genome Project engine is very good at learning the stuff you like, and tailoring the playlists.  Sound quality is pretty good, by comparison to FM radio (128kbps, but no Orban hypercompression!).

They're shipping standalone versions now, on a Squeezebox device.  So you run a wifi network, and this thing works like a radio but tunes into Pandora instead of AM/FM.

I believe smart net radio services like this are one of our best hopes for good music bubbling up to the masses... if your song gets in the database, and matches up to something people already know, and they respond to your tune, it will find ears.


SoundClick has lots of independent artists with lots on new music. Check it out here.



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