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Xtra Large:
Hey my peeps,

Trying to find out which download music site is the best and why? Do you know? Let me know...



Thomas Lester:
iTunes.  It's stupid simple.

i am liking spiralfrog.com

free downloads, just deal with adds, and you get legal music.  no drm either, so I can burn a sample CD and pop it in my truck

i hope the business model works for them so everyone gets paid and we get free music


well i was wrong about burning a cd from spiralfrog .  digital rights management.  can only listen to the music on mp3 players like the zune, it isnt compatible with the ipod either.  so i can only listen to these tunes on my computer

oh well, I guess that is fine since they were free

Forget downloading. Just use Pandora.com for free and quit worrying about your music collection.

Also available on Sprint and AT&T cells so you can take it with you!


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