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Update on SP mic?


Mr. Gerst,

Please forgive me if this question is inappropriate for your forum.

I seem to recall that you were tracking the release of the Stephen Paul (RIP) microphone which, to my recollection, should be available now from what I recall several months ago.

I think I remember that Alan Hyatt (sp?) was head of the company doing the mic and there was a boat-load of interest.

Yet I have not picked anything up on the radar lately about this. I'm curious if you have been tracking this matter and have any update.

If my recollection that you held interest in this is inaccurate, I apologize in advance.


Tony Merril (Stephan's co-worker) and Brent Casey are working on the mic.  Alan Hyatt is funding the project and will distribute the mic.  All the latest info can be found here:


... and I'm just "Harvey", not "Mr. Gerst".

Thank you for the linked update.

Being from Longview, I tend to start with "Sir" until otherwise invited.

East Texas rules as taught in my youth. Thanx for the invite.



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