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I have a bad cdr day


Toby M:

Just had our Marantz cdr 615 standalone cdr recorder repaired and found out that it wasn't broke in the usual sense to begin with.(It could not read our usual brand of media so we had it repaired.)

It still does not recognize some brands of cdr media. Be that the Audio type or standard.Brand new laser, workes fine with 40 % of the disk of some brands. Just very confusing indeed. It should either work or not work. I mean the cdr discs must follow a standard?(more than the extra code on Audio discs.)

Does anyone know any good brands? I find the quality has dropped a lot the last 10 years. My first cdrs from 92 still works fine but some a year old have drop outs, losing varnish etc

I've loved this medium but know i'm tired of it. When does electronic memory become cheap and reliable enough so we can forget about anything wich requires moving parts...



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