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Author Topic: imp13 discussion  (Read 30741 times)


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Re: imp13 discussion
« Reply #285 on: August 27, 2007, 06:38:52 pm »


I like the drums' ambience; but dislike the bass tone and vox distortion. Sometimes the voice jumps at you and is a little strident.


woooooh fuzzbox!
Strange compressed drum sounds, a little weird for my taste; I like the voice tone game (whispery vs. distorted)
I'd like the mix to have more impact, and I think it sound a little scooped.

Jason Thompson

WOW, very hard hitting once the riff enters; I like how the voice sounds, like he is on steroids, a little uneasy which is both cool and good.
A little fatiguing after a while.


Intro sounds cool, I don't like the drums' sound (just my taste) although it's cool how it sounds like a rehearsal space.
I got a little bored in the bridge.
I don't think the mix sells the song but it's pretty cool anyway.


A little trebly for my taste, I love the oomph on the kick though.
Not really sure about the bass tone.
What i like the most is the snare, and it shines on the bridge.

Andrew Brierley

Huge bass tone! The intro didn't resolve like I had anticipated, I'd have liked it to really explode.
Was that a harmonizer on the voice? cool toy...
again, I'm not sure if this mix sells the song, but it's pretty interesting from a purely sonic point of view.
That bridge will haunt me at night Wink


The intro sounds good but it didn't explode as much as I'd like. reverb on the lead vocal tends to wear.
I didn't really get this one. to me it sounds like someone in his basement watching TV and singing.

Careful Collapse

I like how the 1st nhaaa of the 2nd voice flies quickly from left to right.
Not really into the drum sounds.
The echo on the coughing in the bridge made me laugh, that was good.
I like the additional bass track at the end.


Weird in an interesting way; drums sound like mouth-drums (is that how they are called?)
Not much else to say, I listen to it entirely but it didn't do much for me.

--btw: Logical rocks!

Greg Dixon

Hey! Nice bass tone. really nice. It loses weight once the drums enter (why?)
The bridge is cool, it grabbed my attention again.


Cool delay on the bass.
Somehow I feel like the bass is here presented as the primary instrument, I don't agree but if that was your intention then I think you pulled it off.
I like the drum sound.


Nice burning bass tone. I like the drums. Interesting play on the snare for the bridge.


Very nice, transistor radio intro, heavy drum presentation and atomic whiplash when the riff starts!
Over the top!
Not much else to say, except that it's very strong.


Techno snare??? Haha. That I wasn't expecting.
Overall sounds a little dirty. I liked the phaser on the bridge.


The drums sound a little distant on contrast with the majority of the other mixes. I like how the voices sound, but I think I'd like it more if it had more impact.


What's that strange low voice? A ring modulator?
The drums are a little soft for my taste.
Strange edits at the end, I'm not sure I get what you were after here.


Mayhem! I think this one carries the idea of the performance. Things are a little drenched in reverb but it sounds cool.


The bass sounds boxy, that's a different take than what's been done so far and it works, not for added size but to better define the bass line.
I like this mix, it has balls and compression is overdone just like the performance, nice.


I like the bass idea, and the vocal sound though it may be a little dry. I find the snare to be a little high level-wise.
Cool ending.


Good drum ambience, that;s refreshing in contrast with the dryness of the other mixes.
The best balance I've heard, and nice vocal intelligibility.


Good intro, I'm not psyched about the vocal verb but I do like it's tonal attitude.
Drums are a little low and the cymbals sound thin, but I like it anyway.


Ha! I like the SFX at the beginning. This mix sounds great, although the bass line might have used  a couple dB more. (that's my take).
Not really into the kick drum sound.


Wow, really thick bass tone. Drums sound cool and clean in the verses but explode on the chorus, I like that.
Not much to say about this one.


I like what you did with the vocals.
Not thrilled about the drums or bass, I like the snare but as a whole they don't groove.
The breakdown sounds great, nice build up.
I would have like the bass to chew some more bottom.

And that would be it.
See you later.
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