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Author Topic: Tutorial/Guidance - multi-tracks in separate locations...  (Read 4603 times)


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Tutorial/Guidance - multi-tracks in separate locations...
« on: July 11, 2007, 09:59:06 PM »

Hello.  I am a newbie on the recording front - definately non-pro.

I am, however, a writer with two book deals done and have returned to a first passion - song-writing.  I've been playing around town, great feedback, good gigs - but I am not trying to be the next star.  I would however, love to get low-cost demo CD.  A friend of mine in Nashville used to play with me in Los Angeles.  He had a #3 billboard song last year and asked me for some of the songs we used to play.

So, here is the deal.  I have a guitar player I like - a friend of my son's back in California.  I want to record basic guitar, basic vocals, and then send him a file.  He will then lay down a guitar track or two.  

It is likely that we won't be using the same software.  No problem, I can get the file as an mp3 or wav file - or whatever is suggested here.  Now for the question...finally!

How do I ensure I can easily bring his sound file into my project on my PC and get it to line up just the way he played it.

For instance, I may end up sending him a merged/mixed file with both my vocals and guitar.  He would record some lead and fill over it but keep his work separate.  Then send me his file..

Is there a standard way to mark the start of a piece of music - a baseline that he and I can both work from?

Again, maybe this is easily done these days but I am in the dark about it all.

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