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Nice to be here. Sounds a little roomy, though...

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...but I'd guess things will fill up shortly.

Nice to be here and nice to have you aboard Klaus. I'm interested in what microphones you've had the chance to try that really blew your mind. And what your stand is on this new flood of mics that's raining over us.

Is there any info on the Didrik de Geer anywhere on the web as far as you're concerned?


Klaus Heyne:
Hey, Mr. ??? From now on, please use your real name on this forum and we may have a nice conversation about all kinds of things.

Frankly, I am not fond of generic questions about mics.

No, to my knowledge, there is no website for Didrik de Geer's products. Stephen Jarvis in San Rafael, CA, sponsors him and has a couple of his mics in rental rotation.

Is there anything specific in your question about De Geer's Copper monsters?  

For example, are you going to test one of these $20k mics and then report back to the forum, how they compare to other high priced mics?
If not, I'm not sure how the question will help professionals on this forum.

Regarding microphones that blew me away?
It's more individual mics rather than brands or models that have made a lasting sonic impression on me.

For example, I have heard splendid and disappointing samples of the "Big Five" (I should get a TM on that expression, not that everyone is using it)
I have heard a few impressive mics outside of that Club of Five as well.

In general, I have never found that kind of discussion particularly helpful for any reader, because mic preferences are such an individual, subjective, sensual experience which does not easily translate to the next listener's ears, mind-set and heart. MIcs' features need to be discussed, for sure, but always with an eye toward eventually sharing with readers actual experiences with the specific model, otherwise, these discussions deteriorate to a circle jerk.

Kind regards,

Ok, got your point. Fair enough.

My name is P

Hi P

Knastratt wrote on Sun, 25 April 2004 11:19
I track guitars through a THD UniValve into a Randall IsoCab. The IsoCab is miced with a SM57. What's your point on putting a AEA ribbon inside it. I can't borrow one to test. Have you ever tried anything like that?

Hi P


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