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Akai cm15


Greetings Harvey,

The other day I found a couple of Akai CM15 microphones
in a 2nd hand store along with power supply and cables.

After plugging them in and playing some nylon guitar through them I can only say that I'm as happy as a maggot in a meatworks. Very nice sounding mic's.

The only problem i've had is in tracking down any information about them at all, after numerous internet searches the only thing i can find is that you have a couple of them.

Just wondering what your thoughts on these mics are and what, if anything, you tend to use them on?



Ok, here's what I know about them.

They were intended for the home market, but they're easily adapted to pro use.  If yours have 1/4" phone plugs, they are still balanced outputs, but need XLRs to get the balanced outputs.  They use 12AT7s, if I remember right.

I talked to some of the people at Akai in Japan, and only one person remembered them at all, and he couldn't tell me much about them.  They're lovely on grand pianos, and just about anything you try them on.  At one point, I turned down $1,600 for my pair.

Enjoy them - you have a very rare find.

Thankyou Harvey.


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