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Question for Drew


Drew, its very nice to have you here.

I was looking at your discography and was pleased to find you worked with Texas is the Reason.  I have been dying to get more information on the kick drum sound for A Jack with One Eye.  It is so full heavy and lush.

If you can remember any of the details I would love to hear them.

I actually asked this question at the old recpit thats how long I have wondering about this.  I keep that song in my control room cd player to reference that kick when I mix drums.

wow, neat. well, that record was done start to finish in 7 days. Decemeber of '95. (had to go back and look at the schedule) I think it was a 112 inside and a FET47 outside. could be wrong. I also remember us having a pair of mics taped to the floor 25ft out that we squashed. It was a Trident 90 series (SSL knock off, Trident's last attempt at being profitable--ok console) and an 827. mixed to an ATR102 that John Klett refurbed. sorry i couldn't come up with more.

Thanks for that info.  That lets me know I most likely won't be getting that sound any time soon.

If at any point you come across anything you may have done in the mix to the kick I would also love to hear about that.

Thanks again...first for getting that sound...then for telling me how you did it.  Very cool.


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