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Author Topic: Live Sound recording Newbie--> Gym mic placement  (Read 947 times)


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Live Sound recording Newbie--> Gym mic placement
« on: June 04, 2007, 08:39:36 am »


My church group will be playing at a college gym with 1000+ people in attendance.  I would like to get a "good" recording of our performances but have limited equipment and an even more limited budget.  I have 2 Beheringer C-2 Condensor mics, and Alesis 8 track mixer and my laptop with firewire interface box running cubase.

I know that condensors require phantom power which my mixer has, but I have no clue where to put them or how how high up they should be.  There will be a sound tech running a board/PA but I don't think the drums will be mic'd and I won't have a feed from the board available.

I would really appreciate any ideas including mic placement, mixer settings (e.g. if distance = 30 feet then adjust eq...bla bla), etc.

Thank You in advance.



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Re: Live Sound recording Newbie--> Gym mic placement
« Reply #1 on: June 05, 2007, 07:56:54 pm »

This is a classic example of "USE YOUR EARS".. You have to try out different placement (assumably at a rehearsal) and record it and then listen to it.

You can get a good idea of starting distance from the ensemble by walking around during the performance and listening for a (subjectively) good balance of direct to reverberant sound... In other words, the closer you are the more direct sound you will get (and less room) and vica versa.. That's a starting point and it's all experimenting from there.

Every room and every ensemble is different... THere are NO RULES about this stuff other than TRY EVERYTHING!! That's what John Eargle, John Woram, Ken Pohlman and company taught me in school... The best thing I learned there!! (other than a little about acoustics LOL)...
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