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Beyer 740 LD condenser pair mismatch


So I bought a used Beyers MC740 multipattern LD mic a couple of years ago after hearing one on a session. A few months after that I bought a new one. There is probably 8 years or so between the manufacture of the two microphones.

the OLD mic is probably 6 or 8 DB hotter output than the new one. .  I wish I knew what caused this. Suggestions of "american market" mics VS. "european market" manufacture has been suggested. Perhaps to mach different loads commonly seen on mic amps manufactured in certain countries. . . resistors on the output or something?  I don't know- YOU'RE the  expert.javascript:%20insertTag(document.post_form.msg_body,% 20'',%20'%20:D%20');

Thanks in advance.
Bay Records Recording Studio
Berkeley, CA

Klaus Heyne:
I am going to make it a habit to try to involve the techical specialists of the mic company whose mic is having problems whenever I don't know enough.

Herbert from BeyerDynamic will respond here soon regarding your problems.

Kind regards,

Klaus Heyne:
I guess, Herbert is taking his sweet time.

The level of customer service a company offers is always an important criterion in a buying decision and in the public perception of that company.

It's going to be interesting how well each company responds to my offer to set things right when one of their custormers voices a concern here.

Kind regards,


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