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Kickstarting my forum


Since I'm the lightweight here, I'm gonna kickstart my forum by posting some of the articles I wrote for Harder Beat magazine. I posted one year's worth over at the Recpit, but these next 12 might be some food for thought (and discussion) here. Stay tuned.

Added thought:

In looking at the articles, I noticed they're mainly geared towards bands, not studio tips, and I debated about posting them. But then, I figured that a lot of people here are in bands and these articles offer a different perspective that some bands don't stop to consider. And studios can offer any of the advice posted here to bands that have questions about the "next step", so here they are.

congrats dude, i only recently started hanging out in your place so im glad youre over here, im hooked now. good luck bro!

Immanuel Kuhrt:
Looking forward to that. The previous 12 where very interesting/inspiring/eyeopening.

Speedy P. VonTrapp:
hargerst wrote on Thu, 22 April 2004 15:58
Since I'm the lightweight here,


some of us here only WISH we were as much of a lightweight as you.

Your forum rocks, congrats on the new one here.  The articles are great, and it's great to have people like Bob Ohlsson chiming in here on them, too.

Thanks, Harvey.


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