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Great to be here

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Well J. since your spot is my favorite hangout I wanted to use my first post here.

Looking forward to picking up where we all left off.

So guys and gals lets get this thing going!

Same here J.  Good luck in the new digs.

Yeah bro, i almost called you last night but i couldn't find the number. Good to be indy rockin in the free world.

thanks guys, i'd like to take this forum to new heights.

fibes has his own place now, and they will be discussing lots of similar things we used to chat about.  (not that we have to stop at all)

i'm just re-establishing my passion for recording and gear, i've got some ideas about making smaller WAV files of A/B compressed, uncompressed kick drums and things like that

i'm not sure yet, but i want to dive deeper into the underground world of music and the production of it.  techniques and ideas are a lot different in that world (my world).

you guys think we should bring the song writing thread over here?

we always had bad turn out for such a cool idea.

I think so.  I'm still working on the latest one.  Actually while reading the story I found that the band Ride had used a couple of lines from the story.

In their song they sing "She turns her face to the wall cause she sees her sorrow there...puts out her hand to touch it again, again...fingernail marks in the morning...wallpaper silhouettes..."

In the book it goes "Especially Agatha, who turned her face to her wall and saw sorrow there and put her hand out again and again to touch it. We found her fingernail marks on the wallpaper each morning, in strange little silhouettes, half beauty, half nightmare."

So at the least I learned something new about a band and song I like.


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