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spectrasonics worth it ?

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Got  some 101 cards in a trade  and the possibility of getting a few 502 eqs . Dose any one hear use and enjoy them . I know some great records have been done on spectras but Its all old stuff and  not a ton of gain .  just looking for some practical advise .

Brian Kehew:
I'd say yes, but within reason. You seem to have some understanding of what they are - not an 80-series Neve. But you certainly do get "a sound" out of them, and it's a good, solid one. I don't know anyone who thinks they sound bad! And should be simple to connect up and power.

J.J. Blair:
Jason Falkner uses a Spectrsonics console.

There.  I just drive the price up ten dollars.

rob s:
i thought jason had an auditronics?
ahh who cares

J.J. Blair:
Ooops, you're right.  It is Auditronics.  I got confused.  I'm losing my mind.


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