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Mr. Heyne,

Several years ago one of my young engineers made a casual enquiry about
C-12A's and you engaged him with your knowledge and sent him over the moon. He is now finishing up his honours degree in electrical engineering and making fine records (Not totally related as the guy is a natural). All of us at the shop were impressed with your attention to detail and your genearal concern for his edification. Consider this a nice ass kiss though likely the last for a while!!! Hehehehe


Klaus Heyne:
Thanks for the compliment, Aardvark (I'd prefer you identify yourself in future posts- see Gorund Rules!)

I hope to be a fair and passionate forum host, as long as the subject is my heart's desire: to squeeze the last drop of performance out of any microphone design.

Welcome on board!

Wonderful to see you here Klaus and I hope I don't come up with to many idiot questions as time goes by.  I'm still an electronic newbie despite 20 years behind a mixing console.


Bob Stark

As I said in other forums here, it looks like PSW has made some serious effort to make these new forums respectable Welcome aboard! And btw, I like your forum rules.

Mark Lemaire:
Welcome Klaus-

I'm very glad you are here. Looking forward to checking your pages regularly!


Mark Lemaire

P.S. and thanks for insisting that posters use their names!


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