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Got a track that the bass gtr (upright) is flat-out out of control on certain notes. The VU meters go all the way to 0 even when the rest of the material is down around -5 to -7. What would you suggest to control it?

I've put a compressor on the track with a slow attack & med-fast release. The rest of the material sounds fine. Its just certain notes on that bass that are too strong. I hate to use M/B comp. but do think that's the best solution?

Immanuel Kuhrt:
Maybe side chain compressing where you use a clone of the signal - but with an eq boost on the fundamental frequencies of the od notes - as trigger?

How about some gentle notch filters on the frequencies that are out of control?
Like, if it's certain notes, you should be able to find the centre frequencies pretty easily. Then, some gentle notching, or even high q parametric EQ should pull those wild babies back into line.

If at all possible, ask for a remix. Anything you do will be a compromise, but the mix engineer can use all sorts of tricks to dial it in and make it sit nicely in the mix. If that's not an option, I think this is a perfect example of a situation where MB comp might work miracles...

Remix is out... the client lost all files of this project due to a puter crash. I didn't mention this, but the rest of the bottom end seems fine so I think maybe M/B comp set to a narrow band around the wild freq might just be the ticket. (It seems to be one particular note that goes whacko.)

On another note:
This is a Nuendo project (whatever that means to the outcome). Overall, it sounds like it was done fairly well - pretty darn quiet, good players, good dynamics, good mix - but the darn thing is just flat....lifeless....and kinda dark. The tunes that should really bounce have no punch whatsoever. I'm having to manufacture alot of bottom end. I'm having a hard time getting this thing to turn out the way it should sound.

Does that sound like I'm getting off track of what an ME is supposed to do? Anybody have any tricks to bring these kind of mixes back to life?

As always - thanks for the help.


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