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First of all i would like to welcome Klaus and his knowledge to this forum, i hope to exploit it for all it's worth. It's an honor to be a moderator with a crew like y'all.

The M269c- My absolute favorite condenser mic, the german broadcast version of the U67. Absolute magic in my opinion.

I have a problem--- My Tuchel connector is loose and the mic becomes intermittent when hung upside down. Is this an easy fix? Who should i send it to get repaired and tweaked? Klaus?

I fear that this will require a retooling, please tell me it's an inexpensive fix, it's been a week of gear meltdowns...


I'm not Klaus... but I'm going to take a whack at it.  If I'm not mistaken, the M-269c employed the same connector on the microphone as the U-67.  That part was available from Neumann/USA last time I checked [which was a while ago], as are the cable mount connectors for U-67's [the stand mount connector housing is rather difficult to find, but the inside is the same... IIRC].

Klaus Heyne:
Sorry Fletcher, no Cohiba this time.
The connector in the M269 is very common, still being manufactured by Binder in Italy and identical with all other 200-series Neumann broadcast connectors EXCEPT the U67 connector, whose pin pattern was offset by 10 degrees (on purpose, so that you don't wack 210 volts into your AC701-equipped mics)

Regarding the "loose" connection: I may not understand which part of the set up is loose in your system, so let's be really specific:

1. The male connector in the bottom of the mic is loose on purpose, to allow it to adjust its position with slightly off-set cable females which, because they are rigidly embedded in the connector housing, could otherwise bend the fragile connector shoes. So that part is OK, and will not cause any intermittent mic operation. I also must say that I have very rarely encountered bad plating on Tuchel connectors which would cause bad contact.

2. You need to look really carefully inside of the cable female  and inspect:
a. the integrity of the black plastic insert (broken off portions? Missing friction washer? Can the connector insert be twisted inside the metal housing?)
b. missing, broken or intermittent solder connections between cable conductors and connector pins

In either case, at worst you are looking at  some sweat equity and/or a new connector insert (maybe $50.-) to get you back on the road.

To whom should you send this mic? First, analyze and trouble shoot, then make the decision, how sophisticated of a mechanic you will need. This is not rocket science; a technician with a good soldering resume is going to be fine.

Kind regards,

Fruition Music:
I found a similar issue with my M269c after wiring up the N52 (Klaus thanks for the pinout you emailed me back then), I started with the original gray Neumann cable and connector but ended up replacing it with new Gotham Audio cable. Not only did I find the female connector corroded, it somehow wasn't even assembled correctly which made it difficult to spin and screw in.
Took some time and care, cleaned the connector and all the partsc, adjusted the 4v in the N52 to the AC701 and its been wonderful ever since. I will add that you may not want to operate the 269c or any mic with the AC701 if something is intermittent,...stray voltages spikes to 701's can possibly damage them I've been told.

Klaus its great to have you here in this forum, thank you for sharing your valuable time and knowledge.

It seems to be the insert or something related. Something I should have added in my original post is that i'd like someone to give it and the power supply a once over before I put it back into action. The mic is that important to me.

I would love to hear what y'all think makes this mic so magical, i think i know but to be honest, I'm no scientist.


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