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Invisible Member:
Thanks Fletcher,

I like hearing things like the drummer and the room being important:) Those are easier to come by for me than expensive and Neve.


I downloaded the mp3 of PMFADE.  That was quite a shock considering how many times Ive heard the released version. I even prepared myself for something different and it still made my ears tingle.  The guitars were incredible and the chorus was indeed awesome. The kick wasn't as big but it was tighter in the mix. I went back an listened to PM and now the kick seems overbearing to me and the guitars are lacking. Such is life. Just when you thought there was a flavor you loved someone offers you a taste of something better. In the words of Homer Simspson: DOH!!

Thanks for sharing.


Agreed. Thanks for sharing Mike. Mucho to learn from you. Sounded great.

well, the original goal was to make the "same" album as "No More Tears", I think we got pretty close. There is plenty more where that came from, buty unfortunately I'm not quite sure about the legalities of posting those, so you would have to stop by the studio for a listen



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