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As all these forum directly pertain to audio, and generally the recording, reproduction, and manipulation of it.  This forum will focus on all things "indie rock".  Now, i totally understand that Indie Rock is an ambiguous label that is hard to pin down and/or define.  This basically means that this forum will serve as home base to all things "underground", and then some.  If you have any experience with my previous forum, you'll already know what to expect, and what will most likely go on here.  If you are new to this forum, i'm sure you can read some threads and figure it out rather quickly.  We do not, nor do i want to, focus solely on recording.  

I've started thinking of this forum as, "A place to discuss music as art, understand it as art, and open your mind to the artistic expressions of the artists.  And explore how to best serve the music from the production side of the glass."  If we do this, we have to respect another person's opinion.

Let's just have fun, and be audio nerds, and music lovers.


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