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Yamaha Floor Monitor set of 6


Yamaha Floor Monitors:

This is a set of six (6).These wedges have 1" eminence drivers , horn lenses , NL4 jacks and all internal wiring. They do not include the 15" speaker. I do have the grills for the 15" speakers and all associated hardware which will be included. They are wired for bi-amp operation . They have been repainted several times and are obviously a older model. They work very well when loaded and amplified correctly.

Looking for $100 per wedge ( if you buy them all. I will include a TDM quad 2 way crossover  to use in biamping the wedges )

This is probably a pickup type item as shipping would make the price impractical. Wedges are located in Columbus, GA  ( about 90 minutes south of Atlanta )

Feel free to email me with any questions

I would consider a trade if you have something I need.


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