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The forum as we know it is over
I'm done and gone
Sorry that it has to end like this but the forum no longer is a place for me
I'm outta here

Sorry to see you go mate... its a shame that this current iteration didn't live up to expectations.  I for one can certainly understand your frustration... and sincerely wish you the best of everything in any / all of your future internet based endeavors [you don't need my well wishes on a professional level... as you are the consummate audio professional].


Jim Williams:
It's never really over, your words will live in cyberspace for thousands of years, or a couple at least.

Which forum? So many out there. Why this one? Is it too much time to moderate? A lack of interest? Management?

Do tell!

I wish they never changed formats, the old PSW was awesome!!!  This place has potential still I think!!!!

Ernie Black:
Don't give up the ship! We are working to improve the forums. The latest news is the migration of the classic FUD forum (the old REP or recforums.prosoundweb.com) into the new forum.

On the evening of Sat 10/22, starting at about 11pm ET (NY, USA) we will be integrating the old FUD forms into these forums. This will eliminate the need to continue to maintain the separate system. The old posts will be part of these forums, but in archive form, no new posts will be allowed to those old threads.

We apologize in advance for the inconvenience, but the benefit will be real.



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