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I just bought a new MacBook Pro and it's shipping w/ Lion.
I was in the dinosaur age, using a PowerPC w/ OSX 10.4 with a 002r. I'm a total dork, and didnt even realize that I was going to have some trouble with getting PT up on the new comp...

Looks like I can purchase the "Pro Tools 9 Crossgrade from LE/M-Powered" for $249.00.. if im understanding this correctly, i can keep my current hardware (002r), and after making this purchase, use PT 9.0.5 (beta) w/ my new Lion system.

This sound right to you guys?... Anyone done it?? The one thing that I'm questioning is this.. If I don't have any version of PT installed on this new machine, will this "crossgrade" still work?


You can have some of your answer there        http://duc.avid.com/

Grant Craig:
The crossgrade will work, but be warned that 9.0.5 beta on Lion isn't fully qualified by Avid yet.  Be ready for a few 'bugs'.

I would start with a fresh install of 9.  Or at the very least, a complete uninstall of any previous versions. (I'm assuming the only way another version would be on there is through user account transfer from the old machine?)

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