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broadcasting / streaming sessions cheaply?

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Sean McDonald:
Hi Guys,
Looking for a cheap way of broadcasting decently high res stereo audio from a PT session over the web.

I only need to do this a few times a year, so Im not looking to invest a whole bunch of cash for this kind of infrastructure.

Skype is cheap, but mono.
I tried Nicecast on two different rigs, and it worked once, but now I keep getting "cant connect to server" errors constantly.

Any thoughts?


My buddy Dylan Dresdow uses some streaming service that works really well, let me ask him what it is...

Sean McDonald:
thanks Brad.

I didn't ask the cost, but this is what he uses: http://www.source-elements.com/Live/

I've used it with him on a few occasions and it's worked perfectly.

Sean McDonald:

thanks for the link, it looks cool, but 400.00 is too steep for something ill use maybe twice a year....

take care man.



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