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Author Topic: JBL LSR 2328P vs LSR 4328P  (Read 3131 times)


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JBL LSR 2328P vs LSR 4328P
« on: September 17, 2011, 06:24:35 am »

Hi everyone.

As the title suggests, i'm looking for opinions from users who might have used both these systems. I've posted this same question on another well known forum as well.  ;D

I'm currently using the 4328s in a surround setup mainly for post and i'm pretty OK with them. I'm looking to get a surround setup for another room and although i could get another set of 4328s, i'm wondering if it might be better to go with the 2328s instead. I do not use quite a lot of the features on 4328s (RMC, digital inputs, remote control), so it seems a bit unnecessary to pay the price premium for features i do not want or would use.

I'm unable to audition 2328s against the 4328s (which would have been ideal), so i'm looking for user opinions. (if any!)

The deciding factor for me would be the sound, if the 2328s are close enuff to what i'm hearing on the 4328s, then i'm sold. Otherwise, i guess its the 4328s again. (unless someone could graciously point out other alternatives around the same price range as the 4328s. )

All input is appreciated. Thanks guys! :)

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