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Universal Audio 101 Pre?


Bruno Stevens:
This morning I 'found' a pair of UA 101 pre's in my cupboard and I then A/B'ed them with the NEVE V3 pre's, I used an outstanding Neumann U48 as a 'known' (to me) reference...well, I loved the UA 101! Very 'punchy', warm yet very defined sound, silky top...subjectively, the V3 preamp seemed a bit 'duller'...does anybody have experience with the UA 101's? Also, as they are 'fixed gain' modules, is there a way to insert a gain level in the circuit without changing its caracteristics?

Oliver Archut:
Hello Bruno,

sorry you asking the wrong guy about the mic pre, in general all fixed mic pres can be modified to adjustable gain, there are plenty of techs like Steven Hazelton or James Gangwer that should be able to help you out with that problem.

Best regards,

Bruno Stevens:
thank you for your answer, it is not a 'problem' actually, more a question to try and find out if that is a possible option, I have the schematics for anyone to look at if interested.
I was in fact curious to know if other members of the forum had experience with them, as I don't know anyone in my neck of the woods who even know what they are...
Thanks very much,


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