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Do Tesla tubes always suck?

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J.J. Blair:
Thanks, Max.  

Michael Brebes:
To me, the best newly made EL34's are the Winged C brand, which was the original Svetlana before they got screwed out of access to the name here in the US.  I've been using them in my amps for atleast 10 years.

You can get them at Antique Electronics.  Add another $2 per tube for matching.

Please get your facts straight regarding the Svetlana issue and do not spread propaganda of the Antique Electronics supply.
Svetlana and/or winged C tubes that I tested over the years were O.K. but did not meet the Philips nor the Telefunken specs.


Tomas Danko:
Another interesting tidbit is what the name of Mike Matthew's wife is...

It seems most stuff is made in the same place, anyway.

Ryan Leigh Patterson:
I've been using Winged Cs lately, but even they've started to suffer as of late.  When they were Svetlana's they seemed to be more reliable.  I've tried almost every modern EL-34 and the Winged Cs seem to be the best for me as of late.

Oliver Archut:
I tried several times the Svetlana, later Winged C, but I never could find any kind of good sounding or any above standard reliability with those tubes. Russia never made an EL34 before the iron curtain came down and all the later western inspired tubes that Svetlana made were in my view sub standard.
The first Setlana 6550 that hit the US market were blushing all over... Even the first EL34 did that too and after the russian factory solved that issue they still did not sounded anything like an western type EL34 or 6550.
I did not checked them lately but the last sample I got two years ago (than winged C) could not even hold up with the Reflector made EL34.

Last year I checked out some EL34 made in China and they did some major improvements to those tubes, they still won't run proper in a Music Man but in a Marshall they sounded O.K.

In my mind the NOS Philips (Mullard/Valvo) as well as the Telefunken are still the best deal in lifetime and overall sound. Sure they cost an arm and a leg theses days but if you take the long time cost of replacing the eastern type tubes you do save money.


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