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Author Topic: Help with?ADI-2and M-Audio card into Sonar or similar  (Read 1282 times)


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Help with?ADI-2and M-Audio card into Sonar or similar
« on: February 03, 2007, 03:37:14 pm »

Sorry! I'm not trying to be a pain.Just not sure if I worded the subject right. It's basically the same message. Any help would be appreciated.
Hi folks,
I recently bought a used ADI-2 which seems in very good condition but while RME support helped me get playback using coax spdif in and out of my card,( he had me run an optical cable out then back into the ADI ??), now I can't get a signal on an armed track in Sonar set to a spdif input. I've recorded extensively in and out with the SPDF connections on the 2496 and had no problems. As I said, with the optical cable in and out of the ADI it seems to lock onto the sample freq. sent through the coax ( I'm running 44.1/24bit.) He also had me try the CON(sumer) output selection on the ADI as he thought my card might not be recognising AES from the "PRO", but that didn't help. I'm running a mic pre analog into the analog of the ADI and I get good signal on its LED.
Thanks for any input,
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