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V78 vs V72 Input Transformer


Not sure if this has been asked before - at least I couldn't seem to dig up any info on the following question:

Do V72 and V78 have the same input transformers?

I keep reading this in ads, but when comparing the two schematics, the trannies are labelled differently. So are they actually the same type but just labelled differently, or are we talking about two physically different types?

Thanks for any input,

Oliver Archut:
The x-former in historical V72 and V78 are the same, in schematics they are always listed as the same item, same code, etc. They are hooked up different that is all.

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Thanks Oliver.

On the schematics I have, it says CTV72/1 and CTV78/1 respectively, which got me confused...  according to your answer, they're both BV191 then.  BV being the more common designation for chokes & transformers in German broadcast equipment, whatever is that CT labelling about? (not "Center Tap", obviously )


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