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W85 passive fader

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I have a dozen or so W85 passive faders and was wondering how they were hooked up in the original 50's IRT consoles.

is there only one type of W85?

one thing I notice is that the impedance is very low (250 ohms) both in and out.

I have seen that 200 ohm resistors are soldered in line symmetrically on the input.. therefore raising the impedance to 650 ohms.. but that causes a drop in volume..

Oliver Archut:
Hello Max,

there were several different versions of Danner/Eckmiller type of faders. The very early ones that are build of single resistors and the later carbon type ones. Both of them have their charm, I like the resistor type better but the dB range is limited with either 75 or 85dB range, were the carbon type have a 90dB range that is still better than most of the fader out there today.
I saw a few export versions here in the US with 600 Ohm impedance, but as far as I know they were either 200/300 Ohm for european use.
Best way is to use them with IRT specked mixing units like the V75, V2(3)75, etc. than you won't have any level issues. The resistor in front of it will change the frequency response as well the noise level, but if you do not have any other way of doing it... It works to a point.

Best regards,

these are from a DG console, they go to 85 dB using single resistors...

I have two v103's 6 to 1 mixers which I want to use..

the v103's have a high input impedance so it's not so much of a problem, but placing the fader inline reduces signal by a few dB..

why was european standard 300 ohms, but V-series 2Kohm/200 ohm?

what is the lowest impedance a V72 can drive within spec?

were they made for 300 ohms?

what is the difference between w85 and w86?


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