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LAWO V976 / V976-7 mic pre's

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Hi there Oliver,

I Am looking for V672 units for recording electric guitars, but just found a LAWO V976 and a LAWO V976-7 unit.  

Do you know the LAWO V976 units and if they are usefull as a mic pre?

Are these comparable with pre's like the Telefunken/Tab/Siemens V672 or V676??  

With kind regards,

Marco Bruin

Does anyone know something about these units and if they are any good for recording electric guitar?

Oliver Archut:
Hello Marco,

if you looking for a V672 the Lawo modules are not an alternative, they are high quality from a point but to many IC and op-amps, so what lets a V672 sing is missing in the Lawo units. You can find more info at www.lawo.de if you are thinking buying the units, but aside that they have a similar designation they are quite the opposite of the vintage V units.

Best regards,

Hi there Oliver,

thanx for your reply on my post.
I will skip this one and go for a V672 unit.

Kind regards,

Nick in 't Veld:

Is 550 dollar a reasonable price for a 19" rack with two Lawo V976 ?




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