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is the biggest pile os crap in PT version 8 and 9.  what the hell happened???????!!!!!

Jason Poff:
I find it useful for smoothing edits...sometimes...and that's about it.

Ryan G:
They spent all their time "developing" elastic audio.  They should have just paid Serato to use their math.

I've been using Elastic Audio for all my drum edits and ever since 8 came out I haven't encountered the "cymbal thing".  That being said, I was never taught or could figure out beat detective on my own.

it's pretty pathetic that they had something near perfect, and they literally turned it to an unusable pile of feces.  elastic audio seems like it would double the time spent on fixing drums.  as far as i can tell Xform is the only engine EA has that's worth a crap, and that takes forever to process, which you have to then do twice.


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